Ep. 56 Engage Your Audience

The best way to build better products and serve your people is to engage with your audience first. You’ll find out most of what you need to know simply by asking. It seems difficult to engage in the beginning, but it really comes down to a few factors. You need to establish a platform, develop […]

Ep. 54 Give Free Value

Giving free value to your audience is the best way to build one. If you’ve been struggling to get attention for your business, its probably because you aren’t offering value up front. Think of all of the popular lead magnets. People love them because they get something useful and meaningful upfront. In this episode, Coach Chris […]

Podcast Program: Grow Podcast Audience

After you’ve set the foundation, it’s time to grow podcast audience. We have tools and strategies for this but first, you must understand that this will take time. Most podcasts don’t reach thousands of listeners until the 50 episode mark. And depending on quality, it could take a lot longer. Don’t get discouraged and stay […]

Podcast Program: Powerful Interviews

There’s a difference between simply doing interviews and conducting powerful interviews. The main ingredient is the impact that specific guest will have on your audience and your personal interview style. It’s also important to know which software you should use. Powerful Interviews Interviews are important for podcasts because they’re easily the best tool for growth. […]

Podcast Program: Podcast Branding

Podcast branding must happen early in the development stages. This should be done before one episode is recorded. Who are you talking to? What do they want to learn from you? The most valuable podcasts provide information or entertainment to their audience. Podcasting is one of the best forms of content creation. Joe Budden’s Podcast […]

Entrepreneur Skills: The Golden Ten

Entrepreneur skills are important. The best entrepreneurs have a set of valuable skills. The best way to separate yourself is to develop. Most entrepreneurs focus on building a business or attempting to generate income without taking the proper steps. Skill building must come first. One important thing to remember is that skills are developed over […]