Converting Leads – 1 Page Marketing Plan

Converting leads is that next step in business after you have the customer’s attention. At this point, they know who you are and have expressed interest in your services. Throughout chapters 4-6, Allan explains what to do with your customers attention after you have it.

Capture System

Every business needs a system for capturing leads. You have to get them inside your business. Allan states the importance of getting people that have raised their hand. Obviously you HAVE to get people on to a mailing list of some sort. Put your capture system to use by putting your expertise on display. Make them feel like they HAVE to learn from you.

NurturingBusiness Prospects - Book of the Month - Greatness Unlimited

Allan did an amazing job explaining why and even how we can nurture leads. First of all, remember that the money is in the follow-up. The 1 Page Marketing Plan put some amazing statistics on display. Research shows us that it takes about 12 times in which a person interacts with your brand for them to become a raving fan.

Allan gave us some inside information on how we should market. One of the three key points is to advertise for interest and not sales. A lot of people fail on their marketing because they aren’t working to get people interested. They’re already trying to close the sale. The problem is people don’t know them. This causes a ripple effect through the business. Combat this by providing value up front.

Sales Conversionconvert leads - greatness unlimited

Positioning is everything. I love Allan explained the different impacts that positioning has on a business in any industry. Being an expert and positioning yourself as one allows you to charge whatever you want depending on the industry.

Another great point Allan made was about delaying the sale. He explains why we should be patient, even when going after the hungry customers. One of the reasons is because you can begin educating more than attempting to jump at people’s wallets.

Lastly, you increase your sales conversions by adding systems that work for your brand. It’s also great to have payment options available, depending on the product. You will definitely convert more leads into customers.

Visit us next week for the next breakdown on the 1 Page Marketing Plan. Be sure to get your copy here and keep up with us for the entire month! We’ll be interviewing Allan Dib on our Facebook page!

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