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After you’ve done all the work of acquiring customers and delivering value, you want to continue the process. Several business owners stop after the all is made. Allan uses this last section to explain why its important for your business to push the envelope on creating an amazing customer experience.

World Class Experience

Allan describe a very important factor that a lot of businesses are missing out on. Creating  raving fans is one of the best ways that you can ensure your business will only continue to grow. The importance of a community cannot be understated. The lifetime relationships can blossom into something even bigger.

One of the several strategies described is becoming a voice for your audience. This tactic requires that you present yourself as an authority figure in your niche. People respect authority so they’ll always tune into what you have to say.

Customer Lifetime Value

Your existing customers are a goldmine. Allan described five ways that you can tap into the value of previous buyers. One of the most important was upselling. Several business owners leave money on the table when they forget to upsell or do it the completely wrong way. Allan says a great way to increase upsales is to describe it as “most customers who bought X also bought Y.” We see this a lot on Amazon.

This chapter goes deep on improving the customer experience while also increasing your bottom line every month.

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Referrals from Customers

How often do you get referrals in your business? Believe it or not, several business owners have an issue stimulating referrals from previous clients. Allan explained that, “being solely reliant on word of mouth puts the fate of your business in the hands of others.” That’s clearly something you don’t want.

Asking for the referrals in the correct way is how you change your business. Put a system in place to make this process more effective. You’ll see the recommendations come flying in.

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