Entrepreneur Skills: The Golden Ten

Entrepreneur skills are important. The best entrepreneurs have a set of valuable skills. The best way to separate yourself is to develop. Most entrepreneurs focus on building a business or attempting to generate income without taking the proper steps. Skill building must come first.

One important thing to remember is that skills are developed over time. Don’t read this list and think you HAVE to learn everything tomorrow. More importantly, commit to learning skills every single day.

Top Entrepreneur Skills

Here at Greatness Unlimited, we’ve done extensive research asking the top entrepreneurs what they think the most important skills are for an entrepreneur to have. We interviewed top millionaire business owners and expert influencers to create this list of mandatory entrepreneur skills.


We all know sales are important. As an entrepreneur, you have to know how to sell the products and services that you create. What’s the point in creating something amazing if you can’t convey the value in it to others?

Most people make sales complicated. It’s really not as difficult as you’d think. You can sell literally anything with confidence and the correct messaging. Confidence in sales comes from knowing who your customer is and the benefits and value of your product.

The first step to learning sales is to understand your customer. Know exactly who you’re selling to and you’ll be able to answer all of their questions before they ask. The best way is to set yourself up for success is to create a customer avatar. You’ll have a clear breakdown of who your customer is and you can convey the clear message to them consistently.


This is really an underrated entrepreneur skill. Copywriting is sales in the written word. Copywriting often gets overlooked because entrepreneurs don’t understand the science of it. Good copywriting can either increase your conversions, email responses and even get you more sales.

There are some very simple ways to get better at copywriting. One of the best ways is to rewrite legendary ads from Swiped. It sounds very elementary but it helps you increase your skills. You get to learn what has worked and how you can apply it to your business as an entrepreneur. It’s also important to follow the top copywriters. Follow guys like Drayton Bird and John Carlton.


We all know marketing is extremely important. Everyone is constantly attempting to market their own content, products or services. This is a premier component of building a business. The correct marketing plan can set your business up for success.

Peter Drucker said, “marketing is about getting the attention of your customer.” A solid marketing plan will capture the attention of your target market. Attention is literally everything today. If you can get the attention, you have the opportunity to sell and everything else.

Money Management

Another top skill for entrepreneurs is managing money correctly. The value of this skill can’t be understated. Think about how different things are when you transition from having a consistent paycheck to an almost unknown income. If you can’t manage your money, you won’t be a successful entrepreneur.

There are several different ways that you can learn to manage your money better. The first step would be to associate yourself with entrepreneurs that understand money. You can learn from them and develop better habits. It would also be smart to begin consuming content about money. The more you learn about money, the easier it will be to make more of it AND keep it.


Blogging may be seen as a lost art but it’s not. Writing is simply the long game. It can take a while for your blog to take off and become profitable. Blogging takes a lot of patience. Even if you don’t think you can write, you should still have a blog. Writing is powerful for various reasons. Mainly, it gives your website a foundation.

SEO is important as well. It helps your website be more discoverable. The biggest companies in the world still post simply written articles. You as a much smaller brand must have written content as well. It doesn’t have to be long, boring articles. But you need written content nonetheless. Follow guys like Neil Patel. He teaches everything you need to know about SEO and blogging.


When conducting research for this post, a lot of entrepreneurs gave me answers that could be summed into the word mindset. They said things like tenacity, focus, positivity, and self-awareness. Mindset is all of these things. All of the top business owners we spoke to agreed that entrepreneur skills must include a great mindset.

Mindset is one of those things that is always a work in progress. You always need to be up to date with your mindset focus. The way you do that is by reading great books and staying focused on what you want. Those morning affirmations and routines help you keep a refreshed mindset. Guys like Gary Vee and Dan Lok will help you keep a fresh mindset.

Content Creation

You have to deliver some form of content as an entrepreneur. This helps you value to followers and interested customers. Content is used to connect with your audience. Podcasts, videos, and blogs are meant to educate your audience.

Delivering content creates the know, like and trust factor. Content is usually the first way you connect with your potential customers and clients. Find your own style of content. Not everyone does videos or podcasts. It’s all about what works best for you and how you can reach your particular audience.

Educating your audience is where everything starts. Give people value by teaching them something. Even if they can find that information somewhere else, they’ll follow you on social media and subscribe to your content because they love you.

Branding Skills

Branding knowledge has to be a part of your entrepreneur skills. Knowing the history of successful brands and what they did to make things work is a great way to make sure your company is successful. Copying their strategies is smart but making everything fit your business more specifically is smarter.

Branding is all about how people feel about your business. What are they saying when you aren’t around? What do they think of your presentation or prices? Having entrepreneur skills is knowing how to create the answers to these questions yourself.

Social Media

Social media rules the world. Most people use it as their personal source for news. As entrepreneurs, we focus more on using social media to make money. We’re the producers, not the consumers. One of the top entrepreneur skills to have is the ability to engage with your audience on social media without transitioning into the time-wasting aspect. It’s truly an art.

Most can’t see social media for what it is. All of these apps are just different ways for us to connect and deliver value to our audience. If your audience is on Instagram, it doesn’t make sense to flood Snapchat with content. If you want to grow on Twitter, you should probably be engaging there instead of Facebook groups. Use social media as a tool to grow your business.


Networking is underrated. This happened mainly because of social media. People think connecting online by following someone or reposting their content is networking. That is a great way to network, but now the only way. There is still value in connecting with someone one on one.

Networking can take your business to the next level. Connecting with the right person one time could be all you need to reach that next level of your idea. You never know who someone else knows. Always connect with people and develop valuable relationships. They could pay off years down the road.

Entrepreneur Skills: The Conclusion

These are the top ten entrepreneur skills that will help you be successful in business. It’s not important that you’re a complete expert at everything on this list. But you definitely need some knowledge and insight on each topic. These skills are relevant to each aspect of a business, developing relationships and generating income.

Greatness Unlimited is a membership platform. We help entrepreneurs develop skills and increase their income. Our content covers each of these topics in depth. Experts contribute masterclasses, courses and even live Q&A sessions. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our Champions Membership page.

Every entrepreneur should be building their skills. The more skills you develop, the more money you can make. Start with one skill and just keep adding more and more to the pile. Before you know it, you’ll be a well-rounded expert generating insane revenue every single month.

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