Ep. 53 Liberate Your Business ft. Alex Vorobieff

Alex Vorobieff Liberates Your Business

If you’ve ever wondered why companies tend to become more frustrating over time for everyone involved… and what you can do about it whether you own, lead or work in it… our guest today is for you. Do you get overwhelmed by all the concepts and books out there to improve your company? Do you wonder which ones will actually work and generate a return on your time and money? You are not alone. Our guest, Alex Vorobieff (vo-ROW-BEE-if) spent decades cleaning up financial messes as a CPA and clean-up CFO, working to remove the root cause of the frustration. He wrote the book based on a growing set of powerful tools that were not named until he penned Transform Your Company. His magazine and podcast — Confident ROI— bring real-life stories and examples of business leaders sharing what concepts worked and didn’t work for them so that you can save time and money.

Be sure to visit Alex’s website and get access to exclusive tips from the show: AlexVorobieff.com

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