Instantly Improve Your Focus Today

How hard is it for you to focus? Being focused is harder than ever these days. The phones we have and the access make sitting still or paying attention to one thing harder than ever. But the difference between the winners and losers is the ability to be focused. If you can control your focus, you can be more productive in a lot less time. The big key to instantly improve your focus is to actually work less but be more efficient. Stop focusing on working more. Get aligned with being more efficient with the time that you do have available.

Instantly Improve Your Focus

1. Write on Paper
I like to write everything that is important in my Greatness Guideline. This helps me productive and efficient with my time. Working hard for me means getting the job done in the least amount of time. Overworking was never a healthy strategy for me personally so I had to be more efficient with the time I did have.

2. Limit Screen Time
This one is hard because everything is on a screen now. But if you can, you should get away from the screens. Take time to write or read. Go and sit in nature. This also helps with your creative energy! Technology helps us do everything a lot faster but it can stop us from being in our natural state.

Take the time to get focused on what you desire to have in your life.

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