Podcast Program: Podcast Branding

Podcast branding must happen early in the development stages. This should be done before one episode is recorded. Who are you talking to? What do they want to learn from you? The most valuable podcasts provide information or entertainment to their audience. Podcasting is one of the best forms of content creation.

Joe Budden’s Podcast is great because it’s consistently entertaining. You know that every week you’ll get some great insight into hip-hop culture and make even some great stories. Being entertaining is valuable.

Another podcast like Startup Stories with Andrew Warner is different. On these types of shows its all business. They give out valuable, actionable content to their audience. Subscribers go to these shows expecting to learn something significant.

Podcast Branding

Selecting your style is important. You’ll have to stick to this forever. This is the first question before you get to who your show is for and developing your own style of delivery.

Branding your podcast takes work. We’ve created a workbook for you! This way you can answer all of your questions and have it documented. Revisit the list whenever you need a reminder of who you are and why you’re podcasting.

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