Podcast Program: Powerful Interviews

There’s a difference between simply doing interviews and conducting powerful interviews. The main ingredient is the impact that specific guest will have on your audience and your personal interview style. It’s also important to know which software you should use.

Powerful Interviews

Interviews are important for podcasts because they’re easily the best tool for growth. You have the ability to leverage audiences of all your guests. More importantly, you get to learn! If your interviews are aligned with the proper guests for your podcast, you’ll be speaking with some of the top experts in your niche! That recipe will set up for some powerful interviews.

The Tools

As far as tools go, you have a few options. There’s Zoom which is a free service that allows you to record up to 45 minutes. Zoom also records video and audio for those advanced shows. You can also use Skype to record interviews but you’ll need a few extra tools. Piezo is a great tool to record you and your guest on separate tracks. This makes editing extremely easy.

One tool you can’t go without is Audacity. This is the tool that makes everything easier to edit. You’ll want audio to be crisp so download this FREE tool and play around with it. There are hundreds of YouTube videos to help you get started.

Finding Guests for Powerful Interviews

The best way to find guests for your podcast is social media! Do a very simple search on your timeline and find the people within your niche that have a large following, sell info products and or are professional speakers. If they do all three, that’s even better.

You should also search through people you’d like to know. If there’s an author or coach you’d like to work with, give send them a direct message asking to be guest. These people LOVE to talk about themselves. Every interview we’ve done on the Growth of Greatness Podcast started with a simple Direct Message or an email. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

Make sure you cover this section in your workbook. It’ll make starting out a lot easier. Podcast Program workbook.

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