3 Steps to Attack Negative Beliefs

Negative beliefs will hold you back from your true purpose in life. You can’t allow some made up belief to keep you from being who you are meant to be. These limiting beliefs are difficult to acknowledge because we can’t physically see them. We all know how important mindset is but how often do we check on it? How often do you analyze where your mindset came from or who shaped it? Taking the time to analyze yourself could be that one game changer you desperately need.

3 Steps to Remove Negative Beliefs

The first step to removing negative beliefs is to analyze why it exists in the first place! Breakdown what it is and what it means. The belief came from somewhere and you need to find the root of it. Before we can get to the fun part of removing things, we have to know what’s there!

Next, you need to understand why you have this belief. Most of the time, they come from people we care about. Our friends and family pass their beliefs on to us and we hold them as our own. Some are also societal. “Money can’t buy happiness” is a negative belief that society repeats over and over again. Check these thoughts and write them down.

Lastly, decide. Make the decision that your beliefs will come from you. Everything that you believe in will come from your opinion and personal experiences. Changing your beliefs is about replacing them with a new belief that will better suit you. For example, if you believed money won’t buy you happiness, that can be changed to “my happiness isn’t dependent on money.” Simple reframing will change everything in your life.

Changing your beliefs will help you change your life. Once you start to believe that different things are possible, it’s true.

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