Charles Oglesby (Todd Millionaire) – Entrepreneur of the Week

Charles, also known as Todd Millionaire, is an amazing businessman and entrepreneur. He is constantly displaying his knowledge on investing, real estate and everything finances. Check out his full interview below.

Early Years

Who are you and what do you do?

I have a degree in finance a law degree and a mba in progress.  All of this has led me into the world of high finance where I work as an associate in a private family office with assets that exceed 200m.  I run a company called Todd Capital that consists of Todd Capital Investment Club, a stock investment club that has over 300 members, Todd Acquisitions, a real estate investment club that has roughly 50+ members and owns 6 properties, Todd Consulting, a consulting company that formed over 100 LLCs in one year for black business owners and an educational arm called Todd Capital University that teaches classes on stock market and real estate investing. 
How did you begin your career as an entrepreneur?
When I was  younger I knew I wanted money. But I also knew that I couldn’t work until I was 15. So this caused me to create several companies not knowing that I was actually an entrepreneur. I cleaned up after dogs, I sold candy, I mowed lawns, I was always doing something. In college I always had a venture going as well. I sold t shirts, I washed cars and I promoted parties. I have always been about getting money outside of the 9-5. 
What I realized was that all of those ventures were great but they were just that, ventures. I decided to start something that was smack dab in the middle of my lane and that is Todd Capital, a business that allows me to monetize my education and  ultimately my passion for financing and wealth generation. 

Challenges as an Entrepreneur

What was your biggest challenge early in your journey?
The biggest challenge for me was learning to ignore naysayers and doubters. Unfortunately there are a lot of scary people out there when it comes to the possibility of making money in a way that doesn’t look like a paycheck. Whenever you want to do something that most people have never seen there are people there to tell you that you can’t do that or it can’t work. These days I have learned its best to get around action takers and to get away from the fearful.  
How did you overcome your early challenges?
I overcame my early challenges by taking more action. It’s the biggest key. My blew my business up by giving away a ton of value for free and by doing it by taking massive action and pushing through imperfection. 

Personal Facts

Who was your biggest inspiration?
I have so many. For me, my inspirations are the legends of black business that came before me. The people we don’t learn about in school. These guys inspire me mostly because their success flies in the face of the naysayers that I mentioned above. Some names would be Earl Graves, AG Gaston, Reginald Lewis, HR Russell, SB Fuller, Alonzo Herndon, and Robert Smith. These guys show you that there is nothing that is impossible in America IF you do the right things. 
How is your business going currently?
The business had a great 2018. The business does well because we make money in several ways. We make money selling courses, managing the club, consulting, managing money and by acquiring assets with a big emphasis on acquiring assets. 
People always say that you should have multiple streams of revenue well a business is multiple streams. Each product is a stream of income. Each logo is a stream of income.  
We have over a quarter million in assets under management and we did over 100k in revenue. The goal is to 10x all of that next year. 
What is your definition of an entrepreneur?
My definition of an entrepreneur is someone who spots a problem and does something about it. Everyone can spot problems, not many are willing to do something about it.

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