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Educational content for branding is a major key to success. Your audience subscribes to your content because they’re interested in learning something.  Educational content helps you connect with your audience and build trust. Building trust is one of the very first steps to creating life-time customers, especially small business owners.

This process is simple:

  1. Teach your prospects about your industry. Share valuable information that people need to know so that they can accomplish a specific goal or overcome a specific problem.
  2. Display expertise. Don’t tell prospects, show prospects why you’re the expert and why they should be listening to you. Give them advice and tips to make whatever their situation is better.
  3. Be consistent. Set a basic schedule to produce your content. Your content should be so good that prospects are waiting for you to release more of it!


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Action Steps

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you can educate your prospects and build trust. When they’re ready to buy, you’ll be the first company on their mind. List a few topics that you can educate prospects on that are aligned with your brand.

Example: If you’re a makeup artists, you should be creating content about skin care. The same women that want to pay you to get their makeup done would love to learn about how they can improve their skin.

Example: A fitness trainer should be teaching people about their health and wellness from different perspectives. This content will give you credibility and make you stand out on a different level.

Your audience will love and appreciate this level of content that is created with their problems in mind. Need to know if the content you’re creating is great? Just search the problems of your audience and see if you’re providing a solution.

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