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are you controlling your creative energy?

Creative people often focus on the fun side of business. That’s not an issue but you can’t forget about the structured side of business. This book is the tool for those entrepreneurs struggling to create a business form the ideas they receive from the universe. 

That creative energy inside of you is there for a reason. You cant ignore it. You have to commit to allowing it thrive and your life will never be the same. All the ideas you receive are meant to be acknowledged and enjoyed by the world. The longer you allow you creativity to run wild, the longer it will be before you can reach a different level in your life.

Controlled Creative Chaos basically means gaining an understanding of your creative abilities and harnessing them for good. Inside you’ll find specific strategies for tapping into your creativity, adding more structure to your desires and allowing your greatness to flourish.

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Our clients say

"Chris has shared an immense amount of value and carefully answered any questions that I asked of him. The man has integrity and is genuine. Show him some love and support."
Zaid K. Dahhaj
"Our discussion led me into new directions, helped clarify my path, new insights and constructive feedback. I loved working with him."
Kathryn Kelly

Start using your creative energy to create the life you desire.

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